Three Various Human Hair Bundles in the Market


The hair industry has grown over the years, with women immersing themselves in the various hair trends. Wigs, weaves, and extensions are among the topmost bought hair types due to their ease of application. The hair is categorized into two; human and synthetic. Human hair is preferred more since the quality is great and lasts for a longer period. Human hair bundles or weaves are common in the market and come in different forms. In this extract, we outline the types of human hair bundles.

Types of Human Hair Bundles

There are three types of human hair bundles; Peruvian, Malaysian and Brazilian bundles. They all have similarities as well as distinct differences like texture and wave patterns. We expound on each type below.

1. Peruvian human hair bundles

They originate from Peru, hence the name. Peruvian weaves have several textures, but they are generally coarse. They are also thick, straight, with loose waves. The coarse texture allows it to blend well with multiple hairs, and its thick nature reduces the number of bundles you need and gives it a fuller body.

Peruvian hair has a natural appearance, luster and is light and airy. The bundles are available in pure and processed forms. The pure or virgin bundles are more expensive than the processed bundles; however, both are great and versatile, especially when styling. You can style the hair in three ways; keeping it straight, adding waves or curls. Straight Peruvian hair is the easiest to work with, but curly hair should go with the bundles with waves or curls.

2. Malaysian human hair bundles

Malaysian hair originates from Malaysia and comes in different textures based on the desired hairstyles. They include Malaysian straight hair, loose wave, body wave, and curly hair. Malaysian bundles are softer than Peruvian and are thick and voluminous, thus not ideal for people with less hair. They have a shiny appearance that is so attractive initially, but after a couple of washes, it fades away, and the hair becomes dull.

Unlike Peruvian, These bundles require more maintenance and a good conditioner to keep them moisturized. Most Malaysian bundles are dark in color, but customization is possible if you want them lighter. This hair is mostly curly or wavy and tends to retain the waves even when wet.

3. Brazilian human hair bundles

Brazilian hair comes from the South American Regions. It comes in a variety of textures that fit women with different types of hair. It is common in many parts of the world but very popular in countries within the West African region. Brazilian hair requires the least maintenance and has the longest lifespan when given proper care out of all the human hair bundles. The hair has a high density; therefore, only a few bundles are needed to achieve a full look. It has a soft feel, a shiny look and can be curled, straightened, or made wavy.


The human hair bundles mentioned above come in different textures to fit women of different origins. Despite the differences, their quality is good, and their nature makes them very versatile. Their densities vary; hence one hair type may require more bundles than the other. They all have advantages and drawbacks, and it’s up to you to choose what suits you best and is cost-friendly.

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