5 Steps When You Want To Style A Front Lace Wig


There are so many wigs in the market that chances are you might not know which one works for you. One of the best wigs in the market is the 13x4 front lace wig, known for its versatility. The only issue comes when you do not know how to style a front lace wig. With these pointers, you will be on your way to styling the wig and looking great in it.

Types of 13*4 front lace wig

Once you get the right wig, the next step is to style it. Before you get started on the styling, you must remember there are different types of front lace wigs in the market. Go for a style that represents your personality the most. It is easier for you to style a wig that you like than a new one that you are just trying for the first time.

Steps to take when styling your wig.

The way your wig will look on your head is based on how you place it on. If you miss on anything, the chances are you will look like you are wearing the wig on wrongly. Here are the steps to take to ensure you wear the wig right.

1. Comb through the wig

Even if the wig is made from natural hair, you need to comb through it before installing it. It will get rid of any knots or tangles that will have it looking all wrong. It also helps to cut the lace front to reach your hairline since most of them come with a huge lace at the font.

2. Prepare your hair

Since the wig goes on top of your hair, then the next important thing you should do is prepare your hair. If the wig is a flat one, then it needs to sit flat on your head. You can comb through the hair or have it styled into neat cornrows. A flat hairstyle on your head will ensure that the wig looks neater on your head since it is better placed.

3. Wear a wig cap

Once you have styled your hair, the next thing to do is wear your wig cap. It will protect your natural hair from getting entangled or messing up the alignment of the wig on your head.

4. Apply the wig glue

Ensure you get the right wig glue for your head. It ensures that the wig stays on your head and will not be blown away. Unlike the headband wig, lace wigs do not come with clips or headbands to hold them in place. Wait for the glue to dry a bit so it can get tacky.

5. Place the wig onto our hair

Once the glue is tacky, place the wig on your head. If you have never done it before, it will help if you got someone to help you. They will ensure you get the lace partitioning right.


The appearance of the wig on your head will solely depend on how you install it. If you are not good at it, you might take your time and figure out how certain aspects work. Once you have all that figured out, then you can get to do it faster.

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