Descriptions Of An EVPAD 5S TV Box


The EVPAD TV box has grown in popularity around the world. It allows its users to enjoy the maximum benefit by allowing them access to more than a thousand plus free channels. The free channels can either be live channels or free movies channels. Furthermore, the EVPAD TV box comes with several TV box products. The evpad pro TV box offers high-quality services and authenticity. This post aims at pointing out the descriptions for the EVPAD 5S TV box.

Descriptions of an EVPAD 5S TV box

1. Powerful processor

The EVPAD 5S TV box has an octa-core Central Processing Unit (CPU). It also has a Global CDN acceleration technology. The technology allows for the EVPAD 5S TV box to stream smoothly and fast. In addition, the EVPAD 5S has a Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) of 1.5GHZ. The GPU and CPU allow for the EVPAD 5s TV box’s excellent performance.

2. Remote control

The EVPAD 5S TV box comes with an RF remote control. The RF remote control allows one to operate the remote control in whatever direction you wish to. The use of the remote in whatever direction provides for fast and easy access to entertainment.

3. Apps installation

The EVPAD 5S TV box allows for its user to download and install many apps. It has a 16 G + 2G, which is sufficient for everyday use. In addition, it allows its users to play many games and view extended cuts while benefiting from stability and performance.

4. Dual-channel wifi and Dual-band

The EVPAD 5S TV comes with a 5.8G/2.4G dual-channel wifi and dual-band. The dual-channel wifi and dual-band allow for the fast and effortless transfer and download of HD video. It also allows for huge data files to be transferred and downloaded very easily and fast.

5. 6K resolutions

The EVPAD 5S TV box comes with a 6k resolution. The 6k resolution allows for quality pictures; therefore, it ensures you have a cinema experience in the comfort of your own home.

6. Dolby sounds

The EVPAD 5s TV box comes with a DOLBY sound system. The sound system has HDR + Dolby DTS. The multiple channels sound also allows for you to have a cinema experience.

7. Bluetooth

 The EVPAD 5s TV box comes with Bluetooth. Bluetooth allows users to connect wirelessly to headphones, game controllers, speakers, and many other devices that allow for Bluetooth connection.

8. Decoding support

The EVPAD 5s TV box has H.265 decoding support. The H.265 establishes an approximation of 50% bandwidth. Therefore, it manages to save more than H.264 encoded content at the same image quality.

9. Smart voice

The EVPAD 5s TV box is the best smart voice TV box in the market. The EVAI smart voice offers a voice controlling option that ensures you can activate your TV box with just your voice. Therefore, it allows for fast controlling of the TV box.

10. Live streaming

The EVPAD 5s TV box allows you to stream channels live. Because you can connect to the internet, the TV box ensures you can stream whatever live show you wish to.


The EVPAD 5s TV box allows you to draw maximum enjoyment from your TV box. Be it from the high-quality pictures to the multiple channel system, you are bound to have a cinema experience.


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