How Should You Prepare Your Garden for Winter?


Winter is coming! It is not just dangerous for your garden and hose. The frost can also cause some damage to your facilities such as your outdoor pool and water fountains.

If the winter meets you unprepared, you will have to replace much of your equipment that will be damaged by the frost. Contact us if you need to get your durable hoses or hose reels for the winter.

If the temperature gets as low as zero and remains there permanently, there is a high risk of small lumps of ice forming in your pipes.

When these small lumps form, it can cause water not to flow through the pipes and cause the pipe to burst. This can be prevented only if you prepare for the winter.

What is the best time to start preparing for the winter? Concerning seasons, autumn is the best time to start preparing your garden for the winter.

Protecting The Spigot and Water Pipes

Try calculating how much money you will spend to repair or replace a burst pipe. Not cool right? That is why you do not need to wait for the frost to come before protecting your outdoor facilities.

You should be watchful to see if the water in any place can cause freezing and damage to your property. Wherever there is water that can cause damage, it should be removed.

Protect The Water Connections

Before the winter comes, ensure that you disconnect all garden water connections. do well to also empty all the garden connection pipes.

You should close the shut-off valve, open the outlet valve, and a small drainage valve on it to drain the remaining water in the line.

Should You Drain Your Pool?

After draining, you should close the tap but not completely. After that, you can be sure that your garden taps potential issue will no longer be an issue.

For people that have pools in their houses o not need to throw out all the water, you can choose to cover it with a sufficiently protected.

But if you feel that the cover is not good enough, then you can make arrangements for the pool to be drained.

Remember to prepare electrical appliances before the winter, if you have kept any plants in the wine cellar or any other convenient place.

You should also have it in mind to not leave any garden furniture outside. The most garden has furniture sets dedicated to convenience.

These can be easily stored away in a very suitable place until the cold goes away or at least starts to go away.

As a way of preparation, you should go around your house in search of leaves, branches, or any other waste that has gotten stuck in gutters or downpipes.

The Hibernation of The Pond

Some fishes are very sensitive and will not survive a pond in winter, they should spend some time in the warmth while others such as the goldfish can stay, they are a bit insensitive.

You should also not forget to remove the pond pump. This is because it can freeze and get damaged.


Winter will be here faster than you can cunt the days. The time to act is now.


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