How To Get The Best Extension Cord Reel


Are you looking to buy a suitable extension cord? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here is a quick guide that will help you learn everything you need to know. It will cut down to the chase, and then you can select your perfect extension cord. So, without further ado, let’s go now: 

1. Long Cord Isn’t Always The Best Option.

Primarily, you might be tempted to get an extension cord reel that can just reach great lengths. Contrary to popular beliefs, this is not a wise choice. The longer extension cords tend to have more resistance to the current. Therefore, it will cause more fluctuations and problems like heating. They can even catch fire.

That is unless you have a premium-grade cord available. Either way, it is not wise to have long cables lying around in your house or anywhere. You might have to spend on various brackets to hold them and whatnot. So it would be better if you can just have your requirements for the length.

2. Width For The Power Flow

There is a term called ‘gauge’ for the extension cords. When you have a higher gauge, like 16 to 18, the wires are usually thinner. If you have 10-14, the cables are thicker. It divides the extension cords into heavy-duty and light-duty options.

Therefore, if you want more power (Amps) for the money, you need to get a lower gauge number. But of course, it will also come down to your requirements. For instance, the kind of appliance you need to power up.

3. The Material Always Matters

When you check out the retractable extension cord reel, you need to understand the material. A plastic body is standard, but is it high-grade plastic? You should get the best possible because it protects the entire reel and the cord from getting electrocuted or damaged.

Similarly, the quality of the cord, the cable, and its wires will impact the quality of power and the longevity of the entire system. Again, try to get some premium-end options, if possible. After all, you can’t compromise the safety for cheaper material that runs the risk.

4. Automation Is The New Frontier

People just love automatic systems. If you can get an automatically retracting cord, it would be even better. However, not all retractions are made equal. Try to get the smooth one and comes with some form of coating or material that reduces friction and abrasion between the cords.

More importantly, if you get tangle-free addition. It would be even better. Some automated retractable cords don’t have a stopper to prevent tangling. If you can find that feature, it would be a higher value for money.


Once you find an extension cord reel that fits all aspects, you are good to go. You’re now ready to make your selection, so go now and grab the best extension cord reel today!


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