What Determines Garden Hose Reel Flow Rate


The main work of a garden hose reel is watering. The watering job needs to be effectively and efficiently done to achieve optimal results. A suitable hose is required for proper watering. Therefore, while buying a garden hose reel, it is essential to know about the flow rate. Learning about flow rate will stop you from purchasing a garden hose reel that does not meet your needs. One factor that contributes to flow rate is pressure. Many garden hoses in the market have a pound per square inch (PSI) rating. The PSI establishes the speed that water uses to pass through the hose. Several factors determine a hose flow rate. This post looks at factors that determine a garden hose reel flow rate.

Meaning of flow rate

Flow rate is calculated in gallons per minute (GPM). It simply means the amount of water that passes via a hose per minute. The average flow rate for a garden hose is between 12 to 13 GPM, but it can change depending on the type of hose you are using.

Factors that determine a garden hose reel flow rate

1. Garden hose length

Garden hose length affects water flow rate. An increase in hose length leads to a decrease in the flow rate. The opposite is also true; a shorter distance means a higher flow rate. A 100ft garden hose length could have a flow rate of about 7.5 GPM, while a 50 ft garden hose could have a flow rate of 8.5 GPM. You can deduce that the shorter the hose length, the higher the flow rate, and the longer the hose, the higher the flow rate.

2. Water pressure of the garden hose

While shopping for a garden hose reel, you will notice that a PSI is indicated; the PSI measures water speed. PSI helps in getting accurate water flow rate calculations. Average home PSI from the tap ranges between 40-80PSI. Some people may opt to use regulators to control the water PSI. The garden hose of low quality has a bursting PSI rate of 200, and medium quality has a bursting PSI rate of between 275 to 350, while high-quality garden hose has a bursting PSI rate of above 500.

3. Garden hose diameter

A garden hose diameter plays a significant role in the water flow rate. In the market, there are several garden hose diameters. The frequently used diameter is the 1/2 inch, 3/4inch, and 5/8 inch. The bigger the hose diameter, the higher the water flow rate, and in turn, the smaller the diameter, the lower the water flow rate.

4. Faucets

A Garden hose reel faucet can help control the water flow rate. If it is not fully open, then it may limit the flow rate. Completely opening the faucets ensures a high water flow rate.


Make sure you consider whether the garden hose reel works effectively and efficiently. The better the hose reel works, the more enjoyable your watering chore will become. Note that, while buying a garden hose reel, the flow rate is essential. Knowing about the flow rate will help you make a better decision while purchasing a garden hose reel. Also, the efficiency of a garden hose depends on the number of times you water and your garden size.


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